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Hugo Verboven biography

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The painter:
Hugo Verboven was born on september 5, 1946, in Lommel (Belgium). Early in his childhood, he was already showing an attraction for painting. At seven his school teachers and parents noticed his budding talent. Two years later he had private lessons with Father Urbain in Herentals. From 1975 on, he devoted himself exclusively to his art. After twenty years, he has had many exhibitions and was awarded several prizes.

The man:
Hugo Verboven has a special talent : he never regrets the things he has done while he is yearning for what has not been done yet. One lifetime does not seem enough to fulfill his cravings and try all possible expressions. He calls himself a portrait painter. This is his actual profession and few artists live of their trade, whereas Hugo does. He loved drawing and painting as a child and while he was in a catholic boarding school, a father gave him lessons. In 1970, he started his apprenticeship in Eksel (Belgium) with the painter Camerlinckx who was his master for five years after which Hugo was launched on his career as a professional painter. His life changed completely. "I used to be an employee but when I stopped, he says, security vanished and I had to find a new life style. Rough times were there and even today, the uncertainty is still present. I never know if people will show up and will understand my painting."

Hugo makes a difference between nice paintings and good paintings. "Being an artist, he says, takes more than adopting a certain way of life. He needs knowledge and insight. Most importantly for a painter are ideas and seeing things to which others are blind. It is not all. He needs the skill to bring his ideas to paper; he ought to be able to be absolutely faithful to his intentions. Failing in this, his pictures will miss a depth even where his shortcomings are blurred by words." Hugo loves his art and shows great attraction for his customers. In his studio, he treats his guests to a relaxed reception and makes time explaining how he creates a picture with what ideas in the background.

Hugo Verboven is not only an artist, but also a pleasant host who admits : "Finally, I do paint for my own pleasure." It hurts a little when a painting leaves the studio but it is also comforting to know where these pictures go because "all those who purchase my pictures become my friends." His vision has hardly changed over the years; motivations are the same, concepts remain unchanged. Only his technical skill evolved and ripened since his years with his master Camerlinckx. Restlessness is unknown to this strange bohemian endowed with a persisting smile. Being dissatisfied is his only worry for does anyone ever achieve perfection? He is a traditionalist. He does not look for broadening nor superfluous innovations. In fact, he holds with the French poet Paul Valery that his whole lifelong the true poet may rehearse everything over and over again on a single theme.